Thursday, 29 December 2011

First Run

Dear readers, please forgive the fact that this blog does not contain any earth shattering insights to the world or even any helpful hints.  As our/my first blog it is a rather tentative step into the blogosphere (which is a word I have never typed before - is it actually a word?).  Anyway rather like the first time I went skiing, I did not rush headlong down the nearest black slope but tried a gentle green run.  So here I am, on the first run.  If after metaphorically making it to the bottom by publishing this blog without anything bad happing I may try another one.

I have realised for a while now that social media networks are no longer the preserve geeks freaks and the very young - if indeeed they ever were, but are very much mainstream.  So X-Venture and I need to get with the program and blog tweet and interact on Facebook with the e-world at large.

Well it has not hurt so far and now I am going to push the 'publish post' button to see what happens!  Simon